It's that easy


Login to your personal cash/securities account.


Click on “Service” and then “Customer recruitment”


Enter the email address of the future new customer and click on “Send”.


The future new customer will receive an email with a voucher code.


The new customer will open a cash account with securities account at flatex Bank AG via flatex and activate the voucher code.


You will then receive an email, notifying you that you can redeem your five free orders, as soon as the new customer has executed his first order.


Please note that the provision of the free orders for the recruiter can take some time, as it always depends on the account opening, activation of the voucher and the first order by the recruited customer.

Login now & recruit customers

This is how you can activate your voucher code


Login to your (new) cash/securities account.


Click on “Settings” and then “Vouchers”.


Please enter your voucher code (which you have received by email) and click on “Accept entries”.

Offer conditions

  • The new customer/s does/do not have a personal and/or joint cash/securities account via flatex and/or they are not proxies of such accounts.
  • The new customer/s opens a cash/securities account via flatex within 2 months of your sending the email.
  • The 5 free trades for the new customer/s will be valid for 1 month as of the opening of the cash/securities account. 
  • The 5 free trades for you, as the recruiter, will be valid for 3 months as of the execution of the first order by the referred new customer/s. (You will be informed by email of the provision of the free orders)
  • To receive €150 on your cash account, the first 150 orders of the new customer must be executed within 3 months after the account opening.
  • The offer targets new customers who have an interest in an active and long-term business relationship with flatex. By using the offer for the primary purpose of gaining premiums, flatex reserves taking corresponding measures. This will be the case if no economically reasonable investment actions can be detected and the new customer’s trading actions are obviously solely oriented on fulfilling the conditions for receiving the premium.
  • Recruiters can only be holders of cash/securities accounts and not any proxies.
  • Free orders of our premium partners will not be counted toward this free contingent.
  • flatex reserves the right to reject recruited new customers.

The recruiter has no right to the payment of the monetary counter-value of the 5 free orders.

We would like to point out that you must pay taxes on your income from the occasional recruitment of customers depending on the tax applicable laws in the country of your primary residence. In Germany, income from occasional recruitment of customers is exempt from income tax only if it amounts to less than €256 per year.

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