Your benefits

  • All insurance policies at a glance
  • Access your insurance documents at any time via the app
  • Digital signature on the smartphone saves paper and time
  • Simply add your insurance policies
  • Possibility to file a claim via the app
  • Direct contact with the consultant
  • Optimisation of existing insurances
  • Highest data security standard

Simple and secure

Keep an eye on your insurance policies at all times in the allesmeins app.

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Always well informed

Those who want to be informed about their insurances at all times no longer need to rifle through dusty binders. The allesmeins app gets you a quick overview of all contract data, premiums to be paid or tariff and investment details. It makes suggestions for possible policy optimisations or missing cover.

The best of two worlds

The allesmeins app combines the best of two worlds: on the one hand, the quick and easy management of your own insurance policies and, on the other hand, the personal consulting by the present insurance experts.

Any time

Using the app, customers can access all data and their insurance policies at any time and they can download related contract documents.


All personal data and insurance documents are transmitted with encryption by means of state-of-the-art SSL technology. A digital signature saves paper and time.


If your personal data changes, all documents relating to insurances can be updated effortlessly in the app by making a few entries.


When using the electronic signature, customers save yourself the work for elaborately mailing of important documents and information.

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Simultaneously, you will receive a 6-digit code by SMS that you will need for the first sign-in.


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to the app.

Simple and secure

Keep an eye on your insurance policies at all times in the allesmeins app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is allesmeins?

allesmeins is a digital insurance folder that reflects your insurance policies and offers the easiest of possibilities for administration to you. Here, the insurance policies, policy endorsements and other documents are available to you in PDF format. Instead of dusty papers in a binder, you will always see the current contract information that we update for you continuously.

All your insurance policies in a clear format, always up to date, and available to you anywhere and any time.

What is behind allesmeins?

A small, young start-up/venture capital company or even unknown online portal. allesmeins is a brand of Jung, DMS & Cie. AG, one of the largest companies for financial and insurance services in Germany. The roots of the company go back to the year 1958.

What costs are entailed by the use of allesmeins?

The use of allesmeins is completely free of charge for you. Jung, DMS & Cie. as the providers of allesmeins and respectively the partner brokers receive continuous compensation for the management of the insurance contracts from the majority of insurance companies if distribution agreements are concluded with them. This way, we can offer allesmeins free of charge to you.

How do my insurance policies get into allesmeins?

To add your policies to the app, it is necessary that you grant us the authorisation to do so in relation to the insurance companies. This is done formally by issuance of an authorisation (broker authorisation) that you can grant conveniently in the allesmeins app. The broker assignment can of course be revoked at any time if you do not want to continue using allesmeins.

You can add policies by just a few steps. It’s as easy as ABC.

What is a broker assignment?

The broker assignment consists of the broker assignment and authorisation.

The broker assignment regulates the legal relationship between you and the broker. Within the scope of this assignment, the broker generally does not become active in relation to third parties without your consent or without consulting with you.

The broker authorisation legitimates the broker, respectively Jung, DMS & Cie. Pool GmbH, Wiesbaden, to request your insurance data from insurance companies, digitalise the data and make it available in allesmeins in observation of the highest data protection standards. This way, your interests can be represented in the best possible way in relation to the insurance companies. This authorises the broker to conclude, change or cancel insurance policies in your name, obtain information from social insurance carriers or issue delegate authorisations. Copies of the entire correspondence of an insurer will be sent to the broker. The broker authorisation empowers the proxy to involve third parties to execute and fulfil the broker assignment. Lastly, the broker authorisation empowers the proxy to conclude legal transactions in your name with himself or with himself as the representative of a third party (multiple representation).

The assignment is signed with a digital signature. The signature is given on the display of your smartphone. The broker assignment is concluded for an indefinite period and it can be cancelled by you at any time.

Who is my broker?

JDC plus GmbH is available to you as the broker from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM by phone at 0611- 33 53 170 or by email addressed to

JDC plus is a modern financial service provider that provides comprehensive advice to you in the fields of pension plans and insurance by means of advanced online technology and with the help of experienced experts. As a subsidiary of the broker pool Jung, DMS & Cie. of Wiesbaden, whose roots date back to the year 1958, JDC plus can draw on the entire product range of the insurance and pension plan world and thereby provide you with independent advice of the best possible kind.

What do I need the SMS code for?

The SMS code serves for your personal authentication. You therefore only need it for the first sign-in. In the first sign-in, you will then choose your own personal password.

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