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the iTANCard

The iTANCard – the new TAN procedure at flatex

Since early 2010, flatex Bank AG together with flatex has introduced a new password procedure. The trading password is replaced in the course of this by a so-called iTANCard. Why a new TAN procedure? Because we want that you also feel safe at flatex Bank AG/flatex!

By now, nearly all banks have changed over their outdated TAN system to the improved iTAN procedure. They have done so for a good reason: The iTAN protects you as a customer against the phishing email method. Of course, there are also various procedures for the iTAN, in the form of TAN generators, in paper format and in the form of small cards. In the interest of practicability and costs, we have decided for the iTANCard. 

Your benefits are:

  • An even higher security level according to the latest state of technology
  • Practical size fits into any wallet, no bulky TAN generator
  • TAN sheets on paper for striking out a used TAN are eliminated
  • Simple battleships pattern

What is the iTANCard?

The iTANCard is a card in the format of a checking account card with a numbers matrix.

How does the iTANCard work?

The iTANCard only replaces your trading password while your login password will continue to stay active. The trading password will be used automatically as the session password and it is therefore valid for the duration of one login (session) in the Web Branch. This means to you: After logging in with your login password, you will be requested once to enter a TAN combination of the iTANCard. Individual transactions such as securities orders will then be possible without further entry of a password.

Customer login: the check-mark on “Use session password” is always set by default

Single input of the iTAN on the next page:

For securities orders, no further password needs to be entered anymore:

How do I enter an iTAN?

  1. If a process requires confirmation, you will be asked to enter a TAN. The TAN consists of several parts – in the example below, C3, G5 and L8.
  2. Each part leads to a field on your iTANCard. A combination of numbers is displayed in this field.
  3. Enter all number combinations consecutively without spaces and in the prescribed order. Only non-capitalised letters are used.

The changeover to the iTANCard procedure will be made gradually starting in January 2010.

Our customer service team will be happy to answer more questions for you at 09221 – 7035898.

For how long is the iTANCard valid?

The iTANCard has no time limit and it is valid for 700 entries (not necessarily trades!) For example, if you use an iTAN as session password and place 50 trades, only one iTAN will be used.
A new iTANCard will be shipped automatically after the 650th iTAN was entered.

Are the character sequences on the iTANCard identical for all customers?

Each customer receives a personal iTANCard with different character sequences.

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