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“flatex”, as the publisher of this magazine does not accept any liability for the completeness and correctness of the stock exchange and financial information, general market data, prices, indices and other contents contained in the magazine. Likewise, “flatex” does not accept any liability for potential delays or the accuracy and availability of the published contents. 

The contents of this magazine represent neither an offer for a purchase nor a call or recommendation for buying or selling securities or other financial instruments in the definition of Sec. 2 (2b) WpHG [German Securities Trading Act]. At the same time, the contents of this magazine represent neither investment consulting nor a public offer of securities or their issuers. These contents rather serve exclusively as information for the reader. Specific professional investment consultation and your own research cannot be substituted by the published contents, even if they may serve as suggestions. The contents of this magazine may have already become outdated in the meantime due to current developments.

This magazine as well as the information contained therein does not constitute a basis for a contractual or other obligation of any kind. The magazine is an advertising message and the legal requirements for the impartiality of financial analyses are not observed. 

The opinions and forecasts contained in this magazine are solely the ones of the publisher, “flatex”. Advertising and news about discussed contents are drafted based on best knowledge and faith using generally accessible sources (generally accessible publications of the issuers, general press media), which are deemed reliable. “flatex”, as the publisher of the newsletter, however, is not in the position to review these sources with regard to their trustworthiness and commitment in each individual case. Therefore, impartiality, accuracy, completeness or correctness of the information or opinions contained in this magazine is expressly not warranted nor is a warrant for such implied hereby. “flatex” is not liable for financial damages that can be caused by the use of the information contained in this document.

Quotes from this magazine must be provided with a source reference.

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“flatex” expressly points out that an investment in securities and other financial instruments in the definition of Sec. 2 (2b) WpHG is generally associated with opportunities and risks, and that a total loss of the invested capital cannot be ruled out. “flatex” therefore recommends every reader to consider the opportunities and risks closely and seek comprehensive information before deciding on an investment. 

“flatex” and/or its associated companies and/or members of its management, its executive staff and/or its employees are permitted to hold investments that are referred to in this magazine or that are related thereto, and they may raise or sell these positions or the related investments respectively.

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