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– for the 6th time in a row!

A financial cushion for the retirement age, children's education or a nest egg for the unexpected - there are many reasons to build up your own financial reserves. Traditional saving is a thing of the past and savings books are no longer profitable. 

Investors who want to play it safe are therefore increasingly opting for securities trading as an investment. Around ten million German citizens now own shares or fund units and the trend is rising. This is not surprising, as the short-term risk of price collapses is offset by the long-term success of the investment. 

To trade shares, you must first open a securities account. And here you can already start to increase your return considerably: all fixed costs are deducted directly from your profit. Therefore, take the time to compare costs and offers. Online brokers are almost always cheaper than traditional banks, but here too there are big differences. Although no provider charges custody account fees anymore, the order prices are often very expensive. Many brokers demand staggered costs, depending on the number and volume of orders.

To help investors, FMH Finanzberatung examined the conditions of 16 online brokers for the Handelsblatt on the basis of two sample customers: 

Conservative, wealthy clients (6 orders per year, high order volume, large assets) and active retail investors (18 orders per year, low order volume, small assets).  

The result: flatex is "Best Online Broker 2018" - for the 6th time in a row. For both types of customers, flatex is the best choice for off-exchange trading. There are no deposit costs at flatex. In addition, the broker offers a customer-friendly flat fee of € 5.90 per order. That means, no matter how many orders you place or how high the order volume is, the price always remains 5.90 €. For the sample customers this would be 35.40 € and 106.20 € per year. With the most expensive provider, on the other hand, the conservative client pays €180 for small investors as much as €200.

"It depends on the order prices"[1], FMH expert Sigrid Herbst agrees. If the customer trades "securities in over-the-counter trading, he gets the best conditions from the German broker flatex". [2] She advises: "In off-exchange trading, transaction costs are usually somewhat lower." [3] When choosing a broker, customers should pay attention to the way in which they want to trade securities. 

Switching to a low-cost broker with low order fees is therefore crucial for building up your financial reserves.

[1], [2],, [3] Quelle: handelsblatt.com, „Anleger können bei Depotgebühren kräftig sparen – ein Vergleich“, 23.05.2018

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