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Anyone who wants to start building up a fortune today is foregoing classic saving. The key interest rate is zero percent and savings books - never really productive anyway - do not yield any income. More and more investors are therefore deciding to invest in shares. Although trading in shares carries the risk of price slumps in the short term, investors can expect an attractive return in the long term.

If you want to trade in shares, you first need a securities account. Here it is worth taking a second look at the costs involved. Traditional branch banks and savings banks often not only charge a lot of money a year for maintaining a securities account, but the high order prices are also painful. However, the more money goes to the custodian bank for administration and order fees, the less remains for the investment. The result is a lower increase in value.

Online brokers, on the other hand, usually do not charge custody account fees and the order costs are often lower. Here too, however, the costs often depend on the number of orders, order volume and amount of assets.

To find out which online broker is really cheap, FMH Finanzberatung compared the conditions of 17 online brokers for the Handelsblatt using two sample customers:

The "conservative, wealthy investor" (6 orders per year, high order volume, large assets) and the "active small investor" (18 orders per year, low order volume, small assets)

The result: flatex is "Best Online Broker 2017" - for the 5th time in a row. The online broker from Bavaria achieved particularly good results in over-the-counter trading for both customer types. With flatex, they generally do not incur any custody account costs. Due to the investor-friendly flat fee of only € 5.90 per order, the order fees amount to only € 35.40 and € 106.20 per year respectively. With the most expensive provider, the wealthy customer would have to pay 180 € and the small investor 200 € order fees per year.

"When choosing an online broker, one should therefore also consider the way in which one wants to trade securities in the future" [1], advises FMH expert Sigrid Herbst. "Off-exchange trading can be cheaper depending on the provider and is also faster" [2]. flatex therefore deliberately offers its customers a transparent and low order flat rate without custody account costs. This leaves you more money for your investment. Switching to a low-cost online broker is therefore the first step towards successful asset accumulation.


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[1], [2] Source: handelsblatt.com, „Wo Handel wenig kostet“, 14.11.2017

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