“Best Online Broker”
– for the 3rd time in a row!

For the third consecutive time already, flatex receives the prestigious seal of quality from Handelsblatt as
“Best Online Broker”. 

There are two things of interest to an active investor at the end of a year:
What yield can he expect and what costs did he have to invest for them?
He only has limited influence on the yield, especially if the stock exchange – as these weeks –
is in upheaval. The costs, in contrast, can be calculated very precisely
and be limited to what is necessary. Just how exactly is this done? 

The most important point is to find a truly affordable broker for the securities account, far from the short-lived incentive offers. 

FMH-Finanzberatung has studied the terms and conditions of 17 online brokers for Handelsblatt Online. Four sample profiles were created for the comparison, covering customers from a wealthy customer with few orders to a small investor with many orders. 

The comparison shows: switching to an online broker is well worth it financially
for the customer.

“Active investors can (...) save up to EUR 5,500 if they switch to the most affordable broker.” [1]

Contrary to traditional branch banks, the investor does not pay any custodian fees at online brokers. But there are also big differences in terms of the order fees.
For example, an average customer (8 orders per year, average volume) pays EUR 110 per year with the most expensive broker, but just EUR 40 with the most affordable broker here,

The same applies to the product spread. Not all brokers offer everything.
The price-conscious customer should also always make his choice based on his personal investment plans. This includes, e.g. the choice of stock exchanges or the expertise of the broker in a certain trading practice. 

flatex conjoins a consistently affordable price model with low flat order fees – without additional fees – and a wide product range. We offer all common stock exchanges, multiple trading platforms and fully integrated CFD trading. Of course, all of it can also be traded using a smartphone.

This is how the best online broker status will also be secured in the future.

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