The ivestor
Smart Search

The intelligent and fast search
for the right certificate or leverage product.

Your advantages:

  • Fast search algorithms with many parameters
  • Automatic completion when entering search terms
  • Direct call of our order mask from the search
  • Powerful system architecture
  • Dynamic key figures as leverage, maximum return and distances almost in real time

How does Smart Search work?

With Smart Search we offer a versatile text-based search for structured products.

Enter your specifications and parameters directly into the search, without filling out cumbersome search masks - and the search will understand you!

Always find the best hits for derivatives and product types - the five most suitable hits are displayed directly.

Search for...

  • Several issuers at the same time
  • Barriers, bonus levels or caps
  • Discount in percent
  • Due dates in different periods
  • Leverages and maximum returns (cross-product)
  • Distances such as barriers, strike prices, caps and bonus levels Interest rates p.a.

Comprehensive search options

The ivestor Smart Search simplifies your search for suitable products and shows you only the relevant results.

For example, enter several issuers at the same time to see only products from certain providers.You can also filter your search results by adding desired parameters such as barriers, caps or bonus levels.

Digits can be entered as letters and numbers.

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