Are you looking to invest in funds and ETFs?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Our fund finder provides you with the most important information on individual funds and ETFs.

Our fund finder shows you the funds and ETFs for which a one-time investment or a savings plan is possible and the associated conditions.

Your trading options

Fund trading on exchanges

Trading opportunities on the stock exchange

from EUR 5.90 per order
plus exchange fees

Fund trading via investment fund companies

Opportunity to trade over 3,000 funds via the relevant investment fund company, generally with a 50% discount on the issue surcharge

Savings plan

EUR 0.90 per execution.
Minimum savings rate is generally EUR 50


ETF savings plans:
Trade without fees

More than 350 ETF savings plans available for trading free of charge via Comstage, db x-tracker and Lyxor.

ETF strategy

Take advantage of the investment calculator provided by our close partner iShares and benefit from the world’s leading provider of ETFs. We also provide you with an easy introduction to ETFs with the help of short explanatory videos that show the potential benefit of ETFs for your portfolio.

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