Pay zero
trade all

All leverage products and investment certificates
by Goldman Sachs in free premium trading.

Securities trading does not have to be expensive!

We have therefore decided to establish a long-term partnership with our platinum partner Goldman Sachs.

This enables you to trade completely free of charge from an order volume of 500 EUR. In this case Goldman Sachs will bear the order fee for you.

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Your advantages with
our partner

  • Trade leverage products and investment certificates with an order volume of EUR 500 or more free of charge
  • No hidden costs

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For the smart spenders.

flatex customers benefit from our partner's extensive range of products at attractive prices. Trade all Goldman Sachs products in over-the-counter direct trading for EUR 0.00 per order.

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This offer is primarily aimed at customers who do not only want to trade at short notice. flatex Bank therefore reserves the right, at the issuers' request, to reject orders from clients using professional trading systems.

This applies in particular to intra-day trading with the aid of electronic order programs by customers. In the event that such systems are used, the customer will therefore be contacted as far as possible. Furthermore, flatex Bank reserves the right either to reject such orders or to charge the regular order fees.

For orders outside the offer, the fees according to our list of prices and services apply. flatex Bank reserves the right to modify, extend or terminate this offer at any time. The order fee will be refunded to flatex Bank in part or in full by the respective issuer during the action period.

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