Fast and secure
Release securities account transactions


  • Quick and safe setup
  • Clear user interface
  • Push function
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Confirm transactions without iTANCard

flateXSecure is a modern TAN procedure whereby you can request a TAN to be sent to your smartphone or tablet directly via the app.

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Download the flateXSecure app

How do I use flateXSecure?

Trade on the goyour mobile device easily and conveniently – completely without iTANCard. With the new flateXSecure app, you will receive your TAN conveniently on your smartphone or tablet. flateXSecure is secure, clear, and it offers the perfect addition to the iTANCard procedure. With or without it – you will have the choice from now on. This is how you can install flateXSecure: 

What is flateXSecure?

With flateXSecure, you release your transactions securely and comfortably without requiring an iTANCard. You will receive your TAN with the app directly on your smartphone or tablet. Important messages will be displayed to you by means of the push function. Activate flateXSecure in addition to your iTANCard and decide for yourself from now on which procedure you would like to use.

Requirements and security

Play it on the safe side with flateXSecure. So that your data is protected at all times, we use modern security procedures. If you would like to use flateXSecure, you require a securities account at flatex.

What operating system version is required?

To use flateXSecure, you require at least iOS 8 or Android 4.4.

At least one password is required on iOS and Android. If your device security feature is deactivated or if you use a version lower than Android 5, your device will ask you to set a password on initialisation of the app. 

If your device security feature is activated (Touch ID, fingerprint, code, PIN, sample or password), the app will ask you to enter it and accept it for authorisation of your transactions. 

For how long will the app remain unlocked after registration via device protection/password?

The app locks itself automatically after 24 hours if it is not closed before then.

What can I do with flateXSecure?

Using flateXSecure, you can: 

  • execute your securities transactions without iTANCard,
  • start CFD trading,
  • enter a savings plan,
  • submit your orders,
  • make transfers,
  • change your login password,
  • file a session TAN,
  • execute corporate actions, e.g. stock splits or stock swaps,
  • change your risk class,
  • set up additional securities accounts,
  • request a tax certificate,
  • query your church tax data.
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