Online trading for on the go

Mobile online trading - it’s never been this easy! CFD2GO is an innovative and intuitive platform for the mobile trading of CFDs. Focus on your investment strategy and trade, rather than losing valuable time filling out order screens.

Your benefits

  • Supports all order types (if done, market, limit, etc.)
  • Clear management of open positions
  • Practical news ticker included
  • Clear management of open orders
  • Chart display on mobile devices
  • Create  watch lists to quickly identify the most important data 
  • Clear account management (display the account balance, margin, etc.)
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CFD trading with tablet or smartphone

The free, mobile CFD applications give you the opportunity to trade CFDs via an iPhone or android device.

Loginoberfläche der CFD-App
Kontenübersicht der flatex CFD-App
Überweisungsmaske der CFD-App
So suchen Sie Instrumente in der flatex CFD-App
So fügen Sie Ihr Instrument einer Watchlist hinzu
Darstellung eines Charts
Ordermaske der flatex CFD-App
So erstellen Sie eine Watchlist
Darstellung der Positionsübersicht
Darstellung der Orderübersicht

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