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MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular free trading platform
for trading currencies on the international currency markets
amongst FX traders.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is one of the world’s most popular softwares for foreign exchange and CFD trading. Some of the reasons for its popularity include its simple handling and, in particular, the opportunity to create your own indicators and trading strategies for automated trade. The MetaTrader 4 software provides the WebTrader and the mobile app as different versions for free trading. The full scope of the functions is provided by the MetaTrader 4 software, while, for example, the WebTrader and the mobile app do not let you create your own indicators and trading systems as well as trailing stops.

Important note: flatex does not provide any information on developing and programming additional applications as well as the use of Expert Advisors and similar programs. If these are of interest, please find out more on the internet.

MetaTrader 4 function overview

MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 4
Mobile app
Real-time push prices VorhandenVorhanden
Real-time push charts VorhandenVorhanden
Chart analysis functions VorhandenVorhanden
Demo version VorhandenVorhanden
Trade directly from the chart VorhandenNicht vorhanden
Combination of market and pending order
with take profit and/or stop loss
1-click trading VorhandenVorhanden
Trailing stop VorhandenNicht vorhanden
Preset the position size VorhandenNicht vorhanden
Create individual screen profiles VorhandenNicht vorhanden
Set price alerts VorhandenNicht vorhanden
Data export functions VorhandenNicht vorhanden
Integration and creation of indicators VorhandenNicht vorhanden
Integration and creation of trading systems VorhandenNicht vorhanden
Backtest function for trading systems VorhandenNicht vorhanden

MetaTrader 4 software

We recommend at least Windows 7 as the operating system.
The MAC OS X operating system does not support our version of MetaTrader. MetaTrader is a stand-alone software that needs to be downloaded onto your PC or laptop. Before installation, please note the MetaTrader’s user information after clicking on the download button.

Download MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 mobile app

The mobile app for MetaTrader 4 is available for android and iOS devices. You can find the MetaTrader 4 app in the app store on your mobile device using the “MetaTrader 4” search term. MetaTrader 4 offers you a range of useful functions and an intuitive operation.

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