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Your securities account with the online broker flatex

A securities account is a special account in which securities rather than monetary amounts are entered. However, these securities do not physically exist, they are virtually administered, i.e. by IT systems. The securities account is therefore a fundamental requirement for anyone wanting to trade securities. And now for the best bit: flatex gives you this securities account free of charge! Normal banks demand a high price to manage this kind of securities account with high transaction costs and expensive investment consulting services. Put simply, for you this means: Fees eat away the majority of your profits.

Saving costs only costs you a single click.

flatex puts an end to costs. How do we do this? flatex simply gets rid of all unnecessary extras in online brokerage that would otherwise drive your fees up:

  • We do not maintain a broad network of subsidiaries, which would lead to excessive costs
  • We are not a bank with complicated service models and overpriced products
  • We do not employ expensive investment and financial advisors

We focus on what’s important: Making online brokerage as easy and as cheap as possible. That’s what makes securities trading with flatex so much fun. A single click from your computer!

A discount broker truly worthy of the name.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced trader or only want to speculate occasionally, flatex makes online trading with securities of all kinds cheaper than ever before. Profit from an online broker with top service:

  • Free cash and securities account management – by flatex Bank AG
  • Free order changes and cancellations
  • Free real-time price requests
  • No minimum deposit
  • No hidden fees

We give you access to Xetra, all German trading floors and numerous international trading platforms. You can transact long-term investments or short-term speculative investments single-handedly using flatex. You choose the shares, subscription warrants, bonds, certificates or funds, monitor the price development and decide whether to buy or sell.

Quick, secure, professional and cheap - flatex makes only brokerage fun!

Simply cheap. flatex online brokerage.

The time is right to start trading online. Our flat-fee pricing system not only makes our offer extremely cheap, but also extremely quick and flexible. We charge a standard fee of just 5 euros, plus exchange fees, for every exchange order – irrespective of the volume.

flatex offers active traders an unbeatable low-cost trading portal for securities trading. Our range of services includes online trading via Xetra, on all German trading floors, numerous international stock exchanges and over-the-counter direct trading. We have access to a range of renowned trading partners and their offers. Hold shares in your securities account free of charge - this reduces costs and maximises your profit.

1, 2, 3 – it’s as easy as that.

Opening an account with flatex is child’s play:

1. Complete the application to open an account online.
2. Verify your identity using the POSTIDENT procedure or via video.
3. We send you the access data to your online securities account by post.

Want more? You get more!
When opening a cash and securities account you also receive 50 real-time price requests for free. Your quota increases by 25 real-time price requests per month and a further 10 real-time price requests per executed order. Whether you register with flatex as an experienced professional or a beginner, whether you are an active day trader or an occasional private investor - you are not faced with any additional costs in online trading, while the cash and securities account with our custodian flatex Bank AG are administered free of charge. We also do not charge limit fees or require a minimum deposit.

Your account with flatex Bank AG – a reliable bank.

flatex Bank AG is subject to the statutory deposit guarantee scheme. Your account balance is therefore comprehensively protected at all times, as flatex Bank AG is a member of the Entschädigungseinrichtung deutscher Banken GmbH (EdB) [Deposit Guarantee Scheme]. The Guarantee Scheme protects all deposits that are to be reported in the balance sheet item "Liabilities toward customers". This covers demand, time and savings deposits including registered savings certificates. These deposits are fully covered up to a total amount of EUR 100,000 per investor.

Our discount brokerage allows you to trade shares, certificates, subscription warrants, funds and ETFs as well as CFDs.

Transfer your existing securities account to flatex.

Do you already have a securities account and want to transfer it to us? No problems! You simply complete the relevant form and leave the rest to us. The transfer of the securities account and your securities is naturally also free of charge.

How does online brokerage work?

If you do not yet have any experience in online share trading, our informative introductory videos can provide an insight. They provide a clear and straightforward explanation of how you can open your account with flatex Bank AG through us, and how to place an order. You will see that trading is fun, easy and finally also cheap thanks to flatex. We give every trader the opportunity to trade all kinds of securities at fair and uniform prices.

A model of clarity – the flatex demo account.

We recommend that inexperienced investors create a flatex demo account. This gives you a first look at stock market transactions without using real money before you really get cracking. Familiarise yourself with the technical terms, strategies and investment models and test your skills as a trader.
Your benefit: you can enjoy yourself and have fun finding out about key trading issues and guidelines without suffering any losses.
Registration for the CFD demo account

Minimise costs, maximise profit.

High transaction costs can quickly reduce trading opportunities and returns to a minimum. flatex combines all the benefits associated with practical online trading. Our unbeatable low-price offer is not a limited introductory offer, it is our permanent low price level.
Because, what’s the good of great profits, if you have to pay high fees and costs for your transactions.

Just take a moment to compare – we provide an unmatched low-cost offer.

If you want to get an overview of how cheap flatex’s service is compared to other providers, it is worth taking a look at a price comparison. You can check the precise price differences for share orders via Xetra and in over-the-counter trading on our website. There are a number of good reasons why we have received awards for our discount brokerage. Whether the “Handelsblatt” or “Wirtschaftswoche”, all agree that flatex has made online trading with securities of all kinds cheaper than ever before. You can also compare brokers using our current pricing tables, which once again clearly shows how cheap flatex’s offer really is. Besides the comprehensive trading offers, you also receive information on share prices, analyses, new issues and savings plans. You will see that online trading with flatex is genuinely enjoyable and that the practical online broker meets all your needs. 

The online broker with top service.

Regardless of whether you are planning long-term investments or are looking to get involved in day trading – we provide the trading tools that you need.

Besides our extensive securities trading offer, flatex also provides comprehensive information on share prices, new issues, trends and news relating to share trading.

For long-term financial investments, you can also choose from over 5,000 investment funds as well as various fund savings plans. By the way, the investment funds can be purchased with a 50% discount on the regular issue surcharge.

flatex is your trusted discount broker, who provides perfect support for your internet-based securities trading.

You can count on us.

We not only make online trading easier than ever before, we are also an award-winning discount broker with the cheapest prices. We will leave it to you to do the math. A practical fee calculator on our homepage lets you calculate your annual savings that you can achieve in over-the-counter direct trading with flatex.

Your gains are our gain!

Why do so many traders and private investors hold their securities account through flatex as an online broker? Because they keep the profits. This is made possible by our unique pricing system. Exceptionally cheap, exceptionally successful. The more profit our users make, the more new, satisfied customers we gain. Or, as we like to say: A true win-win situation.

Quick, efficient, cheap.

flatex is the online broker with simple tools and cost-effective service. We offer traders and private investors an attractive price concept that clearly undercuts many other providers. The volume-independent flat fee of 5 euros, plus external exchange fees, per transaction is you wild card in securities trading. In over-the-counter direct trading, we only charge a small flat fee of 5.90 euros per order – all other services, such as account or securities account management are free.

To be able to offer you these low prices, we do away with costly advisory services, expensive branches and interest on credit balances. On the other hand, we do not charge any limit fees or other fees – we simply provide cheap share trading over the internet. Quick, direct and straightforward.

Finally: the online broker for everyone.

flatex has succeeded in not only making online brokerage attractive for experienced pros, but also for private investors, who want trading to be quick and straightforward.

Regardless of whether you are planning long-term investments or are looking to get involved in day trading – we provide the trading tools that you need. You can choose whether you want to trade on a German stock exchange, an international exchange or over-the-counter. The cash and securities account are generally managed free of charge.

Besides our extensive securities trading offer, flatex also provides comprehensive information on current share prices and news relating to share trading. We also keep you updated on the latest new issues. flatex provides a comprehensive and unbeatable simple and cheap service for traders.

flatex offers traders a platform for securities trading with unbeatable cheap prices.

Trade anytime and anywhere: Optimised for tablets and smartphones.

You can’t control the share prices. Unfortunately. But, thanks to flatex, you will never miss a thing: our Web Branch is optimised for tablets and smartphones. This means that you can trade whenever and wherever you want. You don’t need to worry about any opening times or times of day. Whether in the office, in your spare time or on holiday – the cash and securities account through flatex means that you always have access to discount brokerage.

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