Press releases

Are you interested in all official flatex announcements and news? Then you have come to the right place. This page provides all press releases published by flatex in chronological order.


flatex rewards borrowers with free trades
Published on: 03.01.2017


flatex-markets starts CFDs on ETFs by db X-trackers
Published on: 19.12.2011
flatex-markets starts CFDs on the FAZ-Index
Published on: 05.12.2011
flatex gifts 100 customers 20 free trades each
Published on: 22.11.2011
flatex AG receives the 2011 Retail Banking Innovation Award
Published on: 17.11.2011
flatex now offers a CFD trading account with limitation of losses
Published on: 24.10.2011
flatex posts over a million trades a month for the first time
Published on: 22.09.2011
flatex improves its first-half earnings before tax by 260%, to 3.8 million euros
Published on: 15.09.2011
flatex is a co-sponsor of the year’s best stock exchange game: Trading Masters 2012
Published on: 14.09.2011
flatex invites customers to the Nürburgring
Published on: 13.09.2011
flatex welcomes its 100,000th customer
Published on: 01.09.2011
flatex reduces order fees
Published on: 06.07.2011
flatex extends current share buy-back programme
Published on: 30.06.2011
flatex increases its 2010 annual profit by 64 percent and pays its first dividend
Published on: 19.05.2011
Finanztest - flatex is the test winner
Published on: 20.04.2011
flatex increases trades by 64 percent, records 37 percent increase in customer numbers
Published on: 12.04.2011
2nd place in the vote for the online broker of the year
Published on: 22.03.2011
flatex is the 2011 CFD broker of the year
Published on: 11.03.2011
flatex starts fully-integrated FX trading with MetaTrader 4
Published on: 10.03.2011
New premium partner for no-fee trading
Published on: 03.03.2011
flatex extends current share buy-back programme
Published on: 31.01.2011


Start in CFD trading
Published on: 18.11.2008
“The best funds at the best price"
Published on: 21.10.2008
flatex eliminates fees for partial executions
Published on: 03.06.2008
Additional no-fee BNP Paribas commodity derivatives
Published on: 02.06.2008
Five free trades
Published on: 28.04.2008
Over 1,000 funds at no cost: new premium partner: Commerzbank
Published on: 14.04.2008
flatex one of the top 5 online brokers
Published on: 13.02.2008
Fund of the month
Published on: 05.02.2008


Start trading on international stock exchanges
Published on: 20.12.2007
Euro am Sonntag: Cheapest online broker
Published on: 14.08.2007
flatex successful in motorsport
Published on: 07.08.2007
No-fee trading: BNP Paribas products
Published on: 18.07.2007
No-fee trading: Dresdner Kleinwort products
Published on: 03.07.2007
New trading partner: Commerzbank
Published on: 15.05.2007
flatex with six new trading partners
Published on: 14.03.2007
Altira allotment
Published on: 05.02.2007
Subscription to Merrill Lynch certificate
Published on: 24.01.2007
Altira IPO for private customers, exclusive to flatex
Published on: 22.01.2007
Subscription to Merrill Lynch certificate
Published on: 17.01.2007


No-fee trading: Sal. Oppenheim products
Published on: 30.10.2006
The first flat order fee and cooperation with Deutsche Bank/X-markets
Published on: 29.08.2006
Published on: 25.07.2006
flatex manages EquityStory AG IPO
Published on: 01.06.2006
flatex - the new “People’s Online Broker” is launched
Published on: 06.03.2006
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