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In the current study by the independent Deutsches Kundeninstitut (DKI) [German Consumer Institute] conducted on behalf of the magazine “WirtschaftsWoche”, flatex came out with stellar results. The exclusive ranking of online brokers shows the recommendable brokers with a wide product range and affordable conditions.

The broker comparison on the topic of “these online banks are the first choice for investors” was structured in two parts: in the first part, altogether 14 brokers were tested in the categories of “offer” (35%), “conditions” (35%), “customer service” (20%) and “information offer” (10%). In the second part, 1840 investors were surveyed on their customer satisfaction. If fewer than 50 investors responded about the online broker, these were not considered.

A “good offer and affordable conditions are of little use to customers if they cannot find offers on clear portals or if they do not understand them, and if problems or questions cannot be directed to competent contacts,” says Jörn Hüsgen, Managing Director of Deutsches Kundeninstitut. [1]

We agree. Investors appreciated flatex foremost because of the combination of extremely affordable conditions and a transparent and easy to understand information offer. For this, flatex received very good reviews from investors and it could secure itself rank 1 as the “most popular online broker”.

All in all, flatex reached second place as the top online broker with an overall grade of 1.7 (very good).

[1] Source: Deutsches Kundeninstitut GmbH & Co. KG on behalf of WirtschaftsWoche, published on 11.12.2015 at wirtschaftswoche.de These online banks are the first choice for investors

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