Stiftung Warentest finds
flatex is worth it

Being a flatex customer is worth it financially for the investors, as a current study of Stiftung Warentest that was published in the magazine “Finanztest”
(July 2015 issue)

A future trader has to make many important decisions:
What he wants to trade, how he wants to trade, how much capital should he use for it,
which broker should he choose? There is a wide variety of many exciting offers but the small print narrows it down again. To make a long story short, keeping oversight of the various options is often a difficult task. 

Stiftung Warentest has now given investors help at least for making the decision when it comes to the question of where the securities account should be managed. 

In the test, depositary and order fees of 42 brokers (affiliated banks as well as direct banks) were compared, and calculated broken down for various customer and securities account models. 
Two sample securities accounts were set up for the comparison. One securities account with high capital value and few orders as well as one securities account with less capital and many orders.

The result: investors can save several hundreds of euro per year by choosing the right provider. The most expensive broker charged custodian fees of more than EUR 1000 per year, but at flatex this is only EUR 30 and EUR 100 respectively. No one was more affordable!
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Customers, who trade frequently, should choose a broker with flat-rate order fees. Such flat prices for securities purchases and sales, also called flat fees, are
the most customer-friendly way of pricing. Accordingly, Stiftung Warentest explicitly mentions Flatex as one of the few brokers “with consulting-independent order costs. Those who trade securities and ETF very frequently, receive the best service here.” 1 Stiftung Warentest therefore recommends Flatex as “ideal for eager investors” 2. 

The customer will always only pay EUR 5 per order with us, regardless of the investment sum. The flat fee model is therefore also attractive, for example, for investors who trade only occasionally but invest very large sums.

The expert advice from Stiftung Warentest is clear: “For active investors, changing to an affordable direct bank is a principle of reason.” 3

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1 2 3 Source: Stiftung Warentest, “Finanztest”, Test of securities account, issue of 07/2015


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