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Anyone who wants to start today to accumulate wealth does so without traditional savings plans. The lead interest rate is at zero percent and savings books – that have never really been profitable anyway – do not yield income. More and more investors therefore decide to invest in stocks. Although trading stocks bears short-term risks of price drops, the investor, however, can expect an attractive return in the long term.

Those who want to trade stocks initially need a securities account. It is worthwhile to take a second look at the costs to be incurred here. Traditional branch banks and savings banks often not only demand several hundreds of euro per year for managing the securities account, the high order prices as well make a painful impact. The more money goes to the custodian bank for management and order fees meanwhile, the less remains for the monetary investment. The result is a capital growth that is too low.

Online brokers, in contrast, usually do not demand custodian fees and the order costs are frequently lower. However, here too, the costs are often dependent on the number and volume of orders, as well as the assets held.

To find out which online broker is truly affordable, FMH Finanzberatung has compared the terms and conditions of 17 online brokers for four sample customers on behalf of Handelsblatt:
The “conservative, wealthy customer” (6 orders per year, high order volume, big assets), the “average customer” (8 orders per year, medium order volume, average assets), the “attractive small investor” (16 orders, low order volume, low assets) and the “stock exchange speculator” (250 orders per year, low order volume, very big assets).

The result: flatex is the “Best Online Broker 2016” – for the 4th time in a row. The online broker of Bavaria reached particularly good results for the “conservative, wealthy customer” and the “average customer”. They generally do not pay any custodian fees at flatex. Because of the investor-friendly flat fee of just €5.00 per order or €5.90 for over-the-counter trading, the order fees amount to just €35.40 per year. At the most expensive broker, the wealthy customer would have to pay €200 for custodian fees and €600 in order fees per year. flatex also makes a compelling case for the average customer. He pays just €44 in order fees at flatex, which would already be €557.70 at the most expensive broker for the securities account and orders.

For stock exchange speculators, things get expensive at all brokers due to the many buy and sell transactions. Nonetheless, compared to the most expensive broker, he would still save more than €5000 per year at flatex.

“For investors, who trade a lot, lower order fees are especially important.” [1] flatex therefore deliberately offers its customers a transparent and low order flat fee without custodian fees. This way, you will have more money for your capital investment. Switching to an affordable online broker is therefore the first step in building wealth successfully.

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