SMS alerts

Trading strategies from the stock market pro
directly to your mobile phone

Benefits of SMS alerts

  • Convenient sending of alerts via SMS
  • Frequent alerts (3 - 4 per week)
  • So far above-average performance with low fluctuations.
  • Alerts are based on strategies with clear scientific justification
  • Price advantage for flatex customers
  • 4 weeks free trial without automatic renewal


Try out SMS alerts for free and without obligation and get all the benefits for flatex customers.*

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* The free trial offer can be terminated prematurely by flatex at any time.

What are SMS alerts

SMS alerts is a company that provides trading ideas in the stock market environment. The trading ideas are based on several stand-alone strategies in different markets such as stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. All strategies can be clearly proven scientifically.

Registered users will receive the alerts via SMS. All alerts are easy to understand and can be easily implemented with different products such as certificates, warrants, CFDs and ETFs.

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Presentation and functioning

Benefits & risks

With trading alerts, you can profit from the strategies and expertise of external stock market professionals without great expenditure of time. Of course, in addition to the profit opportunities, the risks must always be taken into account. 

Advantages of SMS alerts

Trading alerts

Use the trading ideas of a stock market expert for your trading decisions.


The data for all trading alerts and back tests are disclosed.


You decide whether to implement a signal and with which investment instrument.


Above-average performance with low fluctuations.

Risks of SMS alerts

Market risks

All performance data refer to past values. If market conditions change in the future, the results can be significantly worse or even negative.

Risks of losses

Losses may also be incurred in connection with the trading alerts.

risks with leveraged products

If the trading alerts are implemented with leveraged products, losses can be higher.

Technical risks

In case of system failure, no signals can be sent.

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