Your benefits at a glance

  • Top interest rates of German and European banks
  • Europe-wide deposit insurance up to €100,000
  • Central account for all call money and time deposit offers
  • Save from an investment amount of €1
  • German customer service via ZINSPILOT
  • Completely free offers

Top interest rates – independently of banks – directly through flatex

With ZINSPILOT, you can conveniently access the interest rates offered by many banks via your flatex WebFiliale. Secure top rates permanently with ZINSPILOT's one-account solution. We invest your money in trust for you as the beneficial owner of the investment banks. flatex customers can thus use attractive interest rate offers without having to open accounts and POSTIDs with other banks. 

Your completed call money and time deposit investments will be made available to you centrally in an investment cockpit. You will receive an interest certificate for your investments. Payouts are credited directly to your clearing account.

By being able to use interest rate offers from different banks, you are entitled to the full statutory deposit guarantee for each individual investment bank.

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Secure the best conditions Europe-wide. Simply log in at flatex and choose the menu item ZINSPILOT.

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Relationship banking

With ZINSPILOT, you benefit from a comfortable and secure process without new online banking access. You can make a deposit directly through your WebFiliale. Your money will be securely deposited and managed by ZINSPILOT directly at the investment banks.

Secure verification of identity

As an account-managing bank for flatex customers, flatex Bank AG takes care of identity verification at the investment banks and confirms their existing identification. Repeated POSTIDENTS and signatures for account openings are thus avoided for the individual interest rate offers. Some investment banks may need additional information from your ID card or an ID card copy. Should something be missing for your successful identity verification, the ZINSPILOT customer service will notify you by email.

Safe investing

Your investment is protected by the uniform statutory deposit guarantee system across Europe with €100,000 per investment bank. In addition, some German investment banks offer voluntary deposit insurance.

German privacy policy

flatex/flatex Bank AG and ZINSPILOT are your contract partners in Germany and ensure that your data is stored according to the highest banking standards. Investment banks will only receive your data if you invest money there and they may not use this data for advertising or other purposes. ZINSPILOT stores your data exclusively on German servers. Your investment cockpit is https-encrypted.

It's that easy


You select an offer on our website and the desired investment amount is deducted from your account.


Your investment amount will be transferred in trust to the investment bank. You can easily access up your account balance online via the investment cockpit and initiate the payment into your clearing account.


Your call money or time deposit will earn attractive interest over the relevant period. Time deposit investments can be invested again at maturity or transferred back to your clearing account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ZINSPILOT cost?

There are no costs or fees for savers for the use of ZINSPILOT. The service is financed by the investment banks.

Which banks does ZINSPILOT work with?

ZINSPILOT works exclusively with banks that meet our high security standards. Investment banks must be subject to EU-wide harmonised deposit insurance.

Do I have to open an account with ZINSPILOT?

No, you just have to be a customer of flatex. The ZINSPILOT or flatex partner bank flatex Bank AG then carries out all your selected investments at various investment banks at your request.

Are there minimum investment amounts?

ZINSPILOT does not stipulate minimum investment amounts. Investments can be made with as little as €1. However, investment banks are free to specify minimum investment volumes for individual offers.

Are due investments transferred automatically into my primary bank account?

The payments are made exclusively to your personal clearing account with flatex Bank AG, the account-managing cooperation partner of flatex.

How can I access my accounts at the investment banks?

Investment sums are invested with the investment banks in trust by the flatex partner bank, which is flatex Bank AG, for you as the economic beneficiary. The trust relationship is disclosed to the investment banks and the supervisory authorities. Deposits and withdrawals can be initiated exclusively through flatex or the Investment Cockpit at ZINSPILOT.

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