Take control!

Quick and customised involvement in the market. direct

Take control!
Quick and customised involvement in the market.

Issue a leveraged product yourself in just a few clicks

The new leveraged product configurator direct lets you emit knock-out products from HypoVereinsbank onemarkets easily and quickly. You can choose from the Turbo Classic, Turbo Open End and Mini Futures product types on the most important indices and shares. You can target rising (bull) or falling (bear) prices depending on your market expectation. You determine the price, leverage or barriers yourself.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Respond immediately to volatile markets
  • Issue your HVB knock-out product in just a few clicks
  • 1Low-cost trading for a flat fee of €3.90 from an order volume of €1000
  • Exclusively for flatex customers
  • In over-the-counter trading and on the gettex trading platform

Respond quickly and flexibly to market changes

Save all that time spent searching for the right product. Benefit from fast availability, especially in volatile market phases. direct makes sure that your desired product is created and ready for trading in 2 minutes. This saves you time and hard cash.

Product information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I access the tool?

You can find the direct leveraged product configurator in your personal Web Branch account. Just open it and off you go!

What are the requirements for using direct?

To use direct, you will need to be in risk class E with approval for complex financial instruments (CFI).

What are the trading times for the products?

Products on shares can be configured between 9:00 AM and 10:00 PM, while products on indices can be configured between 8:30 AM and 10:00 PM The trading times depend on the exchange that you have selected.

Where can I find information on HVB onemarkets?

HypoVereinsbank onemarkets provides a diverse offer of investment and leveraged products in Germany. As part of UniCredit Bank AG, HypoVereinsbank is a leading issuer in Germany. More info and services at

Where can I find information on the gettex exchange marketplace?

The gettex exchange and the issuer HypoVereinsbank onemarkets provide an exclusive model that combines the benefits of over-the-counter and exchange trading. This means that you, as a flatex customer, can quickly trade HypoVereinsbank onemarkets investment and leveraged products for a low price.
You can find more information on the trading platforms under "Exchange trading" or on the gettex information page.

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