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New at flatex: Bitcoin-Trading.

All details at a glance

  • Benefit from performance with a single transaction
  • Easy trading, no access to Bitcoin-platforms needed
  • No runtime limitation

from €1.000 order volume    

Background and trading opportunity

1Market risk:

Investors should note that the development of the Bitcoin price depends on different economic factors. The Bitcoin price may change in an unexpected way. It may also be subject to enormous volatility, which may lead to losses. Past performance and analyst opinions are not a reliable indicator for the future.

Issuer- / credit risk:
Investors are exposed to the risk of insolvency due to the over-indebtedness or illiquidity of the issuer (Vontobel Financial Products GmbH, Frankfurt am Main). It is possible to lose all of the invested capital. The product as a bond and is not subject to deposit protection.

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