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Webinars & Workshops

Webinars are online seminars that enable you to conveniently participate in training sessions from your home PC. With this program, you can follow the explanations of the speaker on the screen and via your speakers on the PC. After registering for the webinar you will receive an e-mail with detailed information about the webinar and the login link.

What our users are saying:

"Thank you for your commitment and joining this webinar. Kind regards!"

What our users are saying:

"Good seminar with illustrative examples!"

What our users are saying:

"Handout download is great - so you can go over the calculations of the examples one more time."

Was unsere Teilnehmer sagen:

"Danke für die Infos und das sehr lebhafte Webinar und den authentischen Moderator."

Was unsere Teilnehmer sagen:

"sehr spannend und motivierend!"

Upcoming Events
28.01.2020   |  11:00 h Workshop WebFiliale Wie funktioniert die Börse und welche Funktionen und Abfragemöglichkeiten werden mir über flatex für den Wertpapierhandel zur Verfügung gestellt.
30.01.2020   |  18:00 h Handel mit ETFs einfach erklärt ETF Fonds - eine echte Alternative zu Ihrer Geldanlage!

Platform webinars

In our platform webinars, we teach you the secure handling of the trading systems and trading platforms made available via flatex. You can ask questions at any time via chat.

Strategy webinars

In our strategy webinars, we would like to introduce trading techniques as well as trading ideas and analyse them. You can ask questions at any time via chat.

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