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Training videos

Our training videos are designed to give you an insight into the trading world with your trade and securities account via flatex. To make it easier for you to get started, we've divided the videos into different categories.

How do stocks work?

With one share you acquire a share in a stock corporation. So you become a shareholder and can participate directly in the success of the company. This video will explain how stocks work, how to buy stocks and what a stock index is.

How do bonds work?

Bonds are often associated with conservative investments. But bonds are securities that can also be very speculative. What bonds are and what conditions they contain is explained in this video.

How do Turbo Certificates and Mini-Futures work?

Turbo-certificates and mini-futures are among the best-known leverage products in Germany. Due to their great variety and easy handling, these products are very popular. However, what should be considered and how to understand these products is explained in this video.

How do factor-certificates work?

Factor-certificates are a special type of leverage products. The difference to many other leverage products lies in the constant lever. This video shows you how factor-certificates are structured and what you should consider.

How do warrants work?

Warrants are products that have long been available to securities customers willing to take risks. This video will explain how warrants work, what payout profiles exist and what the terms Delta and Omega are all about.

How do funds and ETFs work?

With funds and ETFs, investors have an instrument with which they can invest in a large number of securities simply and cost-effectively, even with a small investment. The possibilities and also the offer in these investments have grown strongly in the last years. This video shows you how funds and ETFs work.

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