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Ramon Hack

Trade and stock market fascinated me already during school time and became constant companions in education, study and profession. Regardless of whether trading or investment, whether short-term opportunities or long-term trends - meaningful strategies are indispensable. I am pleased to pass on my knowledge and experience to the flatex academy and wish everyone successful trades.

Trading is often about keeping your nerve and staying cool. Good preparation is an absolute must.

Frank Wiedemann

I developed interest in topics such as stock market, securities and trading  in the 1990's. Between 2000 and 2003, I was then able to experience that the courses do not only move in one direction. I still benefit from these experiences today and nowadays I only deal with trading strategies that I implemented with discipline.

A good trader never defines themselves by the result, but by the correct entry and, in particular, exit.

Our guest speakers

Nikolaos Nicoltsios

Nikolaos Nicoltsios has been working for in the area of Business Development since 2014 and acts as a contact for asset managers, media companies and brokers. Previously, he gained experience as a portfolio manager at ZZ Vermögensverwaltung and private bank Gutmann as well as an investment consultant at Credit Suisse. The trained industrial engineer has been involved in stock exchange since his studies and specialises in the development of automated trading systems. He holds various interests in real estate companies and since 2012 Nikolaos Nicoltsios is also the trainer for technical analysis and money management at the Vienna Stock Exchange Academy.

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