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The Online broker flatex - a brand of flatex Bank AG, the company specialises in the non-advisory securities business and targets active, well-informed traders who prefer to trade independently. The trading offer extends across all types of securities, with trading options on all German and many international stock exchanges as well as over-the-counter direct trading and CFD trading.

As a brand of flatex AG the online Broker fatex purely does not have any branches, rather it provides a “WebBranch”, which can be accessed over the internet, to trade securities and CFDs. This clear and easy-to-use trading interface enables the secure and quick trading of shares, certificates, subscription warrants, bonds, funds, ETFs and CFDs based on the permanent discount pricing model of the custodian and account-holding cooperation partner developed specifically for flatex customers. In particular, share and derivative traders, who are unhappy with the high-cost advisory services of branch banks, or who no longer require these services, are attracted to direct banks, as this allows them to cost-effectively implement their own investment decisions. Yet, Online broker flatex discount pricing model also distinguishes it from most of such competitors, making it an attractive alternative to branch and direct banks for ranging from average investors to very active traders. The fee model, which was established in 2006, gets rid of previously popular volume-dependent fees in securities trading in favour of a flat fee, to which only the external costs, that in case of for exchange trading, are added.

The company’s customers can buy and sell shares, certificates, subscription warrants, bonds, funds and ETFs in exchange trading or in over-the-counter direct trading. Exchange trading is possible on all German trading floors and on the electronic exchange platforms Xetra, Frankfurt Zertifikate AG and EUWAX. International share trading is possible on various European exchanges (incl. Euronext), in the USA and Canada.

In over-the-counter direct trading, the company cooperates with 17 direct trading partners to give our customers the opportunity to trade shares, certificates, subscription warrants, funds and ETFs over-the-counter.

With our platinum partner you trade completely free of charge - from 500 Euro order volume and up to 1,000 orders per month.

Favorable trading in selected certificates, warrants, funds and ETFs is also offered by our six gold and silver partners, starting at 1.90 Euro and 1,000 Euro order volume.

The Online broker flatex as a brand of flatex Bank AG does not take over the execution and technical processing of the customer orders. It merely receives the orders for execution and technical processing, which are then forwarded to flatex Bank AG. The company also provides its customers with a free fully-automated internet platform, a “WebBranch”, which is used to transmit the securities orders to flatex Bank AG online.

Every customer of Online broker flatex as a brand of the flatex AG therefore holds at least one securities account and at least one cash account with flatex Bank AG, which are generally managed free of charge. flatex Bank AG’s activities include cash and securities account management as well as the account opening process and the entire execution and technical processing of customer orders. Customer contact and customer support exclusively takes place via flatex as a brand of the flatex AG.

Due to the customer structure and the wide product range, the company believes that flatex as a brand of flatex AG is relatively independent of developments on the financial markets. Customers also have access to products that allow them to profit from sideways phases and downturns.

In addition, flatex Bank AG also offers its customers trading under the brand flatex comprehensive services, such as  free demo accounts, a community to exchange investment ideas and securities information amongst private investors, the provision of free real-time prices, an additional trading software for particularly active customers, a fully-integrated platform for CFD trading as well as a telephone-based customer service.

The company believes that it offers its services under competitive conditions with a high quality with regard to security and speed of transmission of customer orders and their execution.

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