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Awards issued for outstanding service – flatex is the online broker for professional securities trading and consistently low prices. We have received numerous awards that confirm this. 

Read the test reports and recommendations of various broker comparisons, such as by Stiftung Warentest, here. 

flatex is test winner!
Investors can save up to 86 % costs What every trader is interested in is what amount he has left after deducting all costs, because that is his profit. The magazine "€uro am Sonntag" has therefore compared the prices and determined the broker with the cheapest fees.

The result: Three out of five investor types pay the least with flatex: Active traders, normal traders and investors can save enormous sums with flatex. The investor pays with flatex EUR 195.44 per quarter - and saves thereby up to 86% in the comparison with a conventional bank. 82% savings potential offers flatex to the normal trader - he pays only EUR 50,60 per quarter. Active traders pay EUR 350.30 per quarter, which is 70% less than at a branch bank.

"Three times gold, once bronze and a fourth place. The broker has thus successfully secured his victory."[1], „€uro am Sonntag“ is pleased. Thank you very much!

[1] Source: Magazine „€uro am Sonntag“, Test „Direktbanken Brokerage“, Part 1, edition 31/19 of 3rd August 2019



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Elected Broker of the Year 2018

Funds & Certificates Broker 2018 - flatex takes very good 2nd place

More than 33.000 traders voted for their favourite broker and openly said what they expected from a good broker offer, namely: low order fees (83.7%), free custody account management (70.7%) and a large trading offer (49.4%). Most investors were interested in equities as well as funds & ETFs.

flatex therefore convinces its customers above all with low flat-rate order fees. Investors at flatex always pay only € 5.90 per trade, regardless of the order volume. flatex is also ahead when it comes to custody account costs. As with many other online brokers, custody account management is free of charge. Here, the classic house banks are in urgent need of catching up.

flatex is also very much in line with customers' wishes when it comes to its offering: As a generalist among brokers, flatex not only offers a broad selection of products, but also provides its customers with one of the largest fund and certificate offerings.

We thank you for the very good reviews of our customers and look forward to a solid 2nd place.

Source: Wahl zum Broker des Jahres 2018,, 31.03.2018

flatex enables investors to “easily save four-digit sums”

The “€uro am Sonntag” magazine has compared: flatex provides the most financially attractive offer for the strategies for four out of five types on investors. flatex is the best place for active traders, normal traders, savings plan customers as well as direct traders and makes huge savings possible compared to branch banks.

For example, an active trader saves up to €2,740 per year in fees with flatex. Even savings plan customers only pay €23 per quarter. No other provider was as affordable. flatex received “four gold and one silver. But the broker remained the overall winner.” said the “€uro am Sonntag”, pleased. Thank you!

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flatex is the “TOP Online Broker”, as evaluated by WirtschaftsWoche and DKI (Deutsches Kundeninstitut)

flatex scored particularly well in the Funds & ETFs, Bonds and Customer Service categories, while also receiving top marks in the DKI customer survey.

Many investors switch to a low-cost online broker in order to permanently reduce the costs for their securities account. To find out which provider is suitable for which investor, WirtschaftsWoche and DKI evaluated the services and prices of 15 securities account providers. 

The brokers were evaluated in the categories of shares, ETFs & funds, bonds and certificates with various sample customers. The offer range, the conditions and the customer service were crucial for the evaluation. DKI also surveyed the customer satisfaction of 3,800 investors.

The result: The order fees of the most expensive broker were about ten times higher than those of the cheapest one. flatex was able to establish itself as the most affordable generalist and received “Very good” and “Good” grades in all categories. Savings plan schemes from €0 and flat order fees from just €5 impressed experts and customers, who voted for flatex as the “TOP Online Broker”.

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€uro Bankentest: flatex is the best brokerage provider in 2017

As fees continue to increase and zero-interest yields tend to be the norm, more and more customers are considering changing banks. As a result, the €uro magazine worked together with the Hamburg analyst S.W.I. Finance to examine which banks can still pay off for customers. The product, advice and service quality of 29 branch and direct banks were tested.

In the brokerage category, the “supreme discipline"[1], flatex proved victorious with the lowest prices and the largest offer. “Securities trading will become even more attractive for bank customers as an alternative to mini-interest investments during the 2017 dividend season.”[2]

Thank you!

Source: [1], [2] €uro magazine, issue 05/2017, 26 April 2017, Finanzen Verlag Munich

Voted broker of the year for 2017 by BÖRSE ONLINE: flatex received a mark of “Very good” (1.6)
and secured the number 1 spot in three categories

In the broker comparison, flatex received an overall mark of 1.6, “Very good”, and was top of the podium in three categories: “Best ETF Broker”, “Best certificate broker” and “Best Leveraged Certificate Broker”. With 599 ETFs, flatex provides the largest ETF offer at extremely attractive prices. Customers were also particularly satisfied with flatex’s large product range and low prices in the overall ranking. For instance, an order only costs €5 (exchange) or €5.90 (over-the-counter), independent of the order volume. flatex also claimed a place in the top three in the “Funds”, “Shares” and “Bonds” categories. flatex “even increased its customer satisfaction compared to the previous year”[1] praises BÖRSE ONLINE. 

For the 18th time in a row, the BÖRSE ONLINE editorial team awarded the coveted title of “Best Online Broker of the Year” in six categories. The competition was fierce: Customers graded the services of online brokers with over 47,000 evaluations received. 

Source: [1] BÖRSE ONLINE Brokerumfrage 2017, March 2017

ETF savings plan test: Top mark of “Very good” for flatex

“ETF savings plans are becoming increasingly popular amongst investors”, confirms EXtra-Magazin, a large information platform on the topic of ETFs, pleased. The number of providers that are including low-cost savings plans in their range is also increasing. 

As a guide for investors, EXtra-Magazin compared the ETF savings plan offer of 19 providers (13 direct banks, 3 fund platforms and 3 branch banks). This guide assessed the categories of costs, offer and service. 

flatex impressed in all categories and offers investors a large selection of ETF savings plans at unbeatable low-cost prices. As a result, EXtra-Magazin awarded the company the top mark of “Very good” and 1st place on the podium.

Thank you!

Source: EXtra-Magazin, April 2017 issue, “ETF-Sparplantest 2017

Stiftung Warentest says: You can achieve spectacular savings with flatex

Switching securities accounts over to flatex can render spectacular savings results for the investor, as a study by Stiftung Warentest on the topic of securities accounts showed.
The custodian and order fees of 38 providers, including branch and direct banks, were tested.
The result: Investors can save a lot of money by choosing a low-cost direct bank. The most expensive provider charged a total fee of over 1,000 euros per year. flatex, the most affordable provider, only charged € 30 or € 100 a year. flatex not only impressed Stiftung Warentest with its free securities account management, but also with its low flat order fees.
“The more buy and sell orders there are, the higher the benefit of the “flat fees” offered by flatex (...) An order costs a flat-rate of € 5, regardless of whether the investor invests just € 500 or € 50,000.”[1]
The expert advice from Stiftung Warentest: Comparing costs regularly is worth it for investors. “By switching to a bank with a free securities account, you can save every year – often several hundreds of euros.”[2]

[1].[2] Source: Stiftung Warentest, “Finanztest”, Test of custodian fees, issue of 12/2016

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flatex is the “Best Online Broker” – for the 4th time in a row!

Traditional saving has become completely unprofitable due to the low base rate. That’s why more and more investors therefore decide to trade in shares. To make sure that financial investment leads to attractive returns, it is worth taking a second look at the associated costs.

To find out which online broker is truly affordable, FMH Finanzberatung compared the terms and conditions of 17 online brokers for four sample customers:

The result: flatex is the “Best Online Broker” and impresses, especially amongst wealth and average customer types, with a low flat order fee. The difference in costs compared to the most expensive provider amounted to €764 and €513 a year respectively. Stock exchange speculators save over €5,000 per year. “Low order fees are particularly important for investors who trade a lot.” [1] That is exactly what we think and we are pleased with the top spot!

[1] Source:, “Where a securities account is particularly affordable“, 31.10.2016

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Euro am Sonntag - flatex is the most affordable online broker for active traders, savings plan customers and direct traders

Profits are maximised by saving unnecessary costs. Searching for a low-cost online broker is worthwhile. But which is the right one? 

The “Euro am Sonntag” magazine worked with five types of customers in order to find the most affordable broker for every trading strategy: the active trader, the normal trader, the savings planner, the direct trader and the investor. A separate ranking, with the most suitable online brokers, was created for every customer type. The first four places were also listed in an overall ranking.

The result: flatex is the most affordable online broker for active traders, savings planners and direct traders. Active traders only pay flatex € 274,62 a quarter, which is € 90 less than the second-placed bank. For normal traders and the investors, flatex comes in second. 

3x gold and 2x silver speaks for itself. With the offer for many trading strategies, flatex also secured top spot in the overall ranking. 

Source: “€uro am Sonntag” magazine, “Alles eine Frage des Typs”, 6 August 2016

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flatex is the “2016 Online Broker of the Year”

The portal issued the “Online Broker of the Year” award for the 3rd time. flatex secured top spot in the overall classification and was awarded the “2016 Online Broker of the Year”. flatex picked up most of its points in the “Service” and “Fees” category. The investor-friendly fee model with a flat order fee of €5, or €5.90 for over-the-counter trading, convinced the jury and customers. The huge range of tradeable securities and extras for customers, such as real-time prices, also impressed them. “Our test winners are (...) evaluated by their own customers and experts. Victory is awarded to whoever convinces both juries. This year it was the online broker flatex, which has been proving its quality services on the market since 2006 “[1]. flatex came in 3rd place in the “Funds & ETFs” category. The result of the broker comparison is split between customer surveys and assessments of an expert jury. Around 3,000 customers were involved in the customer survey. Thank you!

[1] Source:  Brokervergleich Brokerwahl, 7 October 2016

Stiftung Warentest is developing the “101” savings plan for everyone

There is great uncertainty among many people. Is it even still worth saving money and placing it on the side in the current low-interest rate envrionment? 

Stiftung Warentest believes that yes, saving continues to be worthwhile and it has developed the so-called “101” savings plan for all consumers. Calculating the “101” savings plan back over the past 15 years, an investor would have earned € 57,000 by now with a monthly instalment of € 200. 

And this is how it was tested: Stiftung Warentest compared the conditions for ETF savings plans of 18 providers in a table. A saver pays € 150 per year with the most expensive provider and just € 10.80 with flatex. Stiftung Warentest has only praise for the discount broker flatex, which has a huge selection of savings plans and charges just € 0.90 for every model, regardless of the savings instalment amount. Especially with high savings instalments, the annual cost of € 10.80 is a true bargain. [1]

[1] Source: Stiftung Warentest, “Finanztest”, issue of 06/2016 “ETF savings plans. Making a small fortune from monthly instalments

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flatex is the 2016 certificates broker of the year

In the vote for the 2016 online broker of the year, flatex was able to secure 1st place in the “Certificates category" and was named the “2016 Certificates Broker of the Year” [1]. flatex also came in 3rd place in the “Best Daytrader Broker” category.
During the vote, investors had the opportunity to choose their favourites in seven categories (certificates, daytrader, online broker, CFD, futures, forex, funds & ETFs). A total of 40,000 traders participated in the vote.

[1] Source: Brokerwahl 2016,, 4 April 2016

flatex is the “Most Popular Online Broker”

The Deutsche Kundeninstitut (DKI) and the “WirtschaftsWoche” magazine created an exclusive ranking of online brokers with a wide-ranging offer and the most attractive conditions. For the broker comparison, 14 providers are assessed in two parts: in the first part, the offer, conditions, customer service and information offer of the online brokers were compared while, in the second part, 1,840 investors were surveyed on their customer satisfaction.
flatex secured top spot as the most popular online broker, for the most attractive conditions, the clear information offer and high customer satisfaction.
Overall, flatex came in second place among the “Top Online Brokers” with an overall score of 1.7 (very good).

Read more: “flatex is the most popular online broker”

Direct bank comparison: flatex provides “Top Fund Savings Plans”

Investors can gradually accumulate wealth with securities savings plans. FMH-Finanzberatung and WirtschaftsWoche have compared: flatex is amongst the most affordable providers of fund savings plans.

Source:, “Securities in savings plans“, 21.10.2015

“Best Online Broker” – for the 3rd time in a row!

For the third time in a row, flatex received the prestigious seal of quality from Handelsblatt as
the “Best Online Broker”.

FMH-Finanzberatung has compared the terms and conditions of 17 online brokers for Handelsblatt Online.
The result shows that switching to a low-cost online broker makes a noticeable difference
for investors.

 [...]Active investors can (...) save up to € 5,500 if they switch to the most affordable broker[...]“ [1] 

An average customer with 8 orders per year and an average capital volume pays € 110 per year with the most expensive broker. flatex, the most afordable broker, charges just € 40. This is how the best online broker status will also be secured in the future.

Wirtschaftswoche: flatex is the TOP Online Broker

Wirtschaftswoche, a magazine published by the Handelsblatt publishing group, named flatex as the TOP Online Broker in the "domestic and international share purchase" category. 

The award was the result of an investigation by FMH Finanzberatung on the topic of a “comparison of securities accounts”, which compared the offers of 11 providers. 

For the comparison, a sample profile of a customer, who trades a total of 12 times a year, was created. This included several orders with a low capital value and a few orders with a high capital value. The result once again shows that providers with flat prices for buying and selling securities and with no fixed securities account fees are the best choice for customers. 

“ [...] In particular, individuals who only buy shares in a fund on rare occasions and holds the investment over a number of years ideally need a securities account with no fixed securities account fees [...]“ [1] 

At flatex, the customer only ever pays € 5 per order, with no fixed custodian fees. This once again makes us one of the cheapest providers. We are extremely pleased with the result!

[1] Source: FMH-Finanzberatung “Depotvergleich: wo es die günstigsten Wertpapierdepots gibt”, 30.06.2015, Read the full article!

Stiftung Warentest finds that flatex is worth it

Being a flatex customer pays off for investors, as was shown by a current study by Stiftung Warentest, which was published in its “Finanztest” magazine (issue: July 2015). 

The custodian and order fees of 42 providers were tested. The result: investors can save several hundreds of euro per year by choosing the right provider. The most expensive broker charged custodian fees of more than € 1000 per year, but at flatex this is only € 30 and € 100 respectively. No one offered lower prices!

flatex is one of the few providers with consulting-independent order costs. Those who trade securities and ETFs very frequently, receive the best service here.” [1] 

Stiftung Warentest therefore recommends Flatex as “ideal for eager investors” [2].

[1],[2] Source: Stiftung Warentest, “Finanztest”, Test of securities account, issue of 07/2015. Read the full article!

“Good” grade in the online broker test: Terms and conditions, offer and convenience, transparency and customer service

March 2015: flatex received a grade of “good” in an independent study by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien (DtGV) and the news channel N24 (test comparison: 12 online brokers).

[...]flatex ultimately impressed with its good customer service and good transparency[...]

Source: "“ and Press release

2x bronze for flatex at the 2015 Broker of the Year award!

March 2015: “2015 Broker of the Year”: At the 2015 Broker of the Year awards, flatex
finished on the podium in two segments. flatex finished in third place in the "Certificates broker" and "Daytrade Broker” categories. 

Source: ""

3rd place in the “BÖRSE am Sonntag”’ - 2015 Leser-Awards for the “Best Online Broker”

The readers of “BÖRSE am Sonntag” have voted and awarded flatex 3rd place in the “Best Online Broker” category. Readers evaluated the criteria of the product offer, cost transparency, performance, service orientation and reliability.

“BÖRSE am Sonntag” is an independent online magazine and official publication of the Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich stock exchanges. The annually awarded Leser-Award (Reader's Award) is a coveted audience award in the financial industry.

Source: Online magazine “Börse am Sonntag”, 2015

Study by FMH Finanzberatung on "Die besten Banken für Geldanleger” (The best banks for investors)

The award is based on a study by FMH-Finanzberatung, published on on 09.10.2014 under the title: "Die besten Banken für Geldanleger” (The best banks for investors)

[...]A customer who submits six orders for €10,000 per year and manages securities worth €120,000 pays the online broker flatex around € 35. The most expensive online broker charges over € 200. [...]”.

In a test of 17 providers, published on 09.10.2014. You can find the full article and the test results here.

flatex once again secures first place in the “Brokerage” segment, as was the case in 2013

In the eleventh annual bank test by the “€uro” business magazine, flatex once again led the competition, winning the best provider award in the “Brokerage” category. Between January and March 2014, Hamburg analyst S.W.I Finance tested 34 national banks in six product areas on behalf of “€uro”. In the “Brokerage” category, the testers compared the costs for share orders of five providers.

Transactions were executed over the phone and online, each in the amount of € 1,000, € 3,000 and € 10,000. The telephone and email service was tested with 14 enquiries in each case. The consistently low transaction fees and the good service impressed the jury: flatex once again topped the competition amongst online brokers.

flatex is the test winner! Konsument tested order fees in a broker comparison

Every prospective investor should include the future order fees in their cost planning. This is because while low or non-existent securities account management fees are very enticing, order costs normally make much more of a difference.

Konsument therefore examined the order fees of 12 providers, including seven branch banks and five direct banks, using four sample securities accounts. The sample securities accounts had a balance of € 10,000, € 20,000, € 50,000 and € 100,000.

The result: flatex makes a compelling case with the most affordable order fees and, as the only broker, it receives an unreserved “very good” from Konsument for each of the sample securities accounts. This makes flatex the test winner. “If you are not reliant on advice and want to trade independently, cost savings of several hundred euros can be achieved with online orders compared to an advice-based service.”

Read the full article here

Test winner for online broker: Test of conditions, offer and service by the DtGV

March 2014:
flatex comes out on top in an independent study by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien (DtGV) and the news channel N24. The company from Kulmbach managed to secure first place in a test involving 16 online brokers.

[...]flatex did particularly well in customer service, transparency and with its conditions[...]

[...]Overall, flatex best met the criteria and finished in first place[...]

Sources: ““ and press release

3x bronze for flatex in the 2014 Broker of the Year award!

March 2014: “2014 Broker of the Year” flatex finished on the podium in three segments in the 2014 Broker of the Year awards. flatex came in third place in the “Online Broker”,  “Certificates Broker” and “Daytrade Broker” categories.

Source: ""

Study by the FMH Finanzberatung on “Where investors can trade under favourable conditions”

August 2013: 
The award is based on a study by FMH-Finanzberatung, published on on 15.08.2013 under the title “Wo Geldanleger günstig handeln” (Where investors can trade under favourable conditions).

[...]The online broker flatex is even cheaper and is the lowest cost provider for this customer profile.[...]

"[...] flatex has already been distinguished by Stiftung Warentest and, according to its own information, currently boasts 115,000 customers in Germany and Austria, has booked over nine million trades and manages customer
assets worth around € 2.5 billion.[...]

In a test of 16 providers, published on 15.08.2013.

You can find the full article and the test results here.

Stiftung Warentest, Finanztest tests securities account costs: “flatex is the most affordable!”

June 2013: 
“[...]flatex is the most affordable.[...]”  “[...]Do you buy and sell securities on a regular basis? [...]The most affordable and extremely transparent offer is provided by flatex with a 5-euro flat fee for every order.[...]”

“[...]flatex is ideal for active investors. The first choice for anyone who trades regularly is flatex.[...]
The price is the same for all order sizes and is extremely low-priced for very large amounts.[...]”

“[...]flatex is the only provider in our test that provides a true flat rate for every securities transaction, independent of its size.[...]”

The full Stiftung Warentest article, Finanztest can be found here.

flatex secures top spot in the Brokerage segment! 

April 2013: 
The €uro magazine commissioned Germany’s largest bank test for the tenth time in a row. Between January and March 2013, the Hamburg analyst S.W.I Finance tested 58 banks in various product areas, incl. brokerage. At the same time, €uro sent out a customer survey, results of which had a 20% weighting on the test’s overall evaluation. flatex was able to outdo the competition with its low order fees and attractive product range.

Third place in the 2013 Broker of the Year!

March 2013: “2013 Broker of the Year”. flatex came in third place in the “Daytrade Broker” segment for the 2013 Broker of the Year award.

Source: ""

Best Online Broker, flatex impresses in the test by n-tv

October 2012: 
The “Most Popular Direct Bank 2012” online survey took place between 3 September and 7 October 2012.
Participants were given the opportunity to assess their direct bank at A total of 37,923 customers participated in the survey. 22 companies were assessed, each of which received at least 100 customer survey responses.
A comparison of seven companies took place in an additional evaluation on the topic of online brokerage.

“[...] Customers of flatex have the highest assessment of overall satisfaction. The company received a distinctly higher value compared to the other online brokers. Customers were particularly impressed with the cost-effectiveness. The company received high levels of satisfaction for both account and custodian fees. The friendliness of employees over the phone was another positive aspect. [...]”

“[...] The online brokers received a good quality valuation overall. Six companies received an assessment of good, with one satisfactory.[...]”

You can find further details in our press release. Source:

Best Online Broker, n-tv in a comparison of 16 banks

October 2012:
“However, finding the best custodian is not that simples and often depends on personal requirements and desires. FMH-Finanzberatung therefore did the math on behalf of n-tv, using four different sample customers with different share buying behaviour. The various securities account costs and order costs were identified and recorded.

The best offers

"flatex came in first place for three of the four samples customers.” [...]

“When selecting the best custodian, it is also important to check what type of securities transactions you want to execute, whether you want to buy bonds, certificates, subscription warrants or ETF funds. Not every custodian offers the entire range of possibilities. Over-the-counter trading is also not available with every custodian; the same is true for trading on international stock exchanges. 

In any case, apart from costs, it is also worth looking at the range of offers, which an ideal custodian should provide.”

Side note:
flatex is not listed in the sample customer 3 calculation, as this profile requires “certificate savings plans”, which flatex does not provide.


2x second place and 2x third place in the 2012 Broker of the Year awards!

March 2012: “2012 Broker of the Year”. In the 2012 Broker of the Year awards, flatex finished in second place in both, the “CFD Broker” and Certificates Broker” segments. flatex was also able to celebrate two third placings in the “Online Broker” and “Daytrade Broker” categories.

Source: ""

BÖRSE am Sonntag LESER-AWARDS 2012 (READER AWARDS): second place in the “CFD Broker” category

February 2012: Winner of the BÖRSE am Sonntag LESER-AWARDS 2012 (READER AWARDS)
Nuremberg - BÖRSE am Sonntag issued the LESER-AWARD (READER AWARD) for the third time. 
The independent online magazine issued the award to companies that impressed in important and customer-relevant criteria, such as product offer, cost transparency and performance. The award received particular recognition because it was issued by an extraordinarily knowledgeable and incorruptible jury - the readers of BÖRSE am Sonntag. This year, it consisted of around 8,200 participants. They had all intensively evaluated around 120 companies over the past few months. The focus was on service-orientation and reliability. flatex AG was pleased to be awarded the silver medal (2.Platz) in the “Best CFD Broker” category.

Source: “

November 2011: Innovation award as part of the 14th FRANKFURT EURO FINANCE WEEK 

The 2011 innovation award in the retail banking segment was bestowed during the 14th FRANKFURT EURO FINANCE WEEK. flatex AG came in 3rd place in the “Social networks” category.

Further details can be found in our press release.

April/May 2011: Stiftung Warentest: flatex is the test winner in the “Online Securities Account” category

[...]We were impressed with the flat rate offered by flatex, our test winner[...]"

[...]investors only ever pay a commission of 5 EUROS per trade  to buy and sell a security. This is clear and cheap[...]"

[...]Investors with larger securities accounts receive the greatest benefit from the online broker flatex. [...] . flatex also has the best offer for small securities accounts.[...]

Stiftung Warentest’s full test report is available here

Note: The custodian and account-holding bank for flatex clients is flatex Bank AG.

Video contributions on the test winner by Deutsches Anleger Fernsehen

March 2011: Second place in the vote for the 2011 Online Broker of the Year!

Börse Online “2011 Online Broker of the Year” flatex finished in second place in the Börse Online vote for the 2011 online broker of the year. 

March 2011: First and third place in the 2011 Broker of the Year! “2011 Broker of the Year”. flatex secured the top spot in the “CFD Broker” segment and third place in the “Daytrader Broker” category.

Source: ""

BOERSE am Sonntag LESER-AWARDS (READER AWARDS) 2010 Second place in the CFD broker category

March 2010: Winner of the BOERSE am Sonntag LESER-AWARDS 2010
Interest amongst readers (roughly 18,000) of BOERSE am Sonntag was great as the financial magazine sent out the call to participate in the inaugural LESER-AWARD (READER AWARD). The aim was to select Germany’s best online brokers, CFD brokers, ETF issuers and investment companies. The survey assessed different aspects, such as the service orientation and reliability of over 140 financial companies. flatex AG shone in the CFD broker category and secured itself second place.

Source: “

Second and third place in the 2010 Broker of the Year!

April 2010: “2010 Broker of the Year”
Voters made it a tense and exciting finish to the ten-year anniversary of the “Brokerwahl”. In some categories, the top spots were undecided down to the last minute. flatex AG was able to celebrate some remarkable success with second place in the “CFD Broker” segment and third place in the “Daytrade” category segment.

Source: ""

2x second place and 2x third place at the 2009 Broker of the Year awards!

April 2009: “2009 Broker of the Year”. 
For the ninth time, over 59,000 participants had the opportunity to vote for their favourites in seven different categories. The newcomer of 2009 was assuredly flatex. The online broker from Kulmbach was able to achieve four top 3 placings.

(Source: "")

February 2009: Börse Online “2008 Online Broker of the Year”

Third place in the vote for the 2008 Online Broker of the Year!

February/March 2008: n-tv together with FMH-Finanzberatung awarded the “Best Bank for the Securities Account”
flatex was one of five providers who met the requirements of n-tv viewers most often! In the internet questionnaire, interested n-tv viewers were able to enter their financial requirement criteria for the best online and the best online broker.

(Note: banking services in connection with the flatex offer are provided by flatex Bank AG.)

October 2007: The Aktionär “online broker of the year”

Third place in the vote for the online broker of the year!

September 2007: Aspect-Online “Online Broker ”
The online broker flatex finished in top spot in the Aspect-Online comparison and is currently the most affordable provider. The conditions of 23 banks and online brokers were compared. Price comparison of a normal trader - saving of up to € 600. A model customer trader 10 positions online in a year with an average order volume of € 5,000.
A total of 80 percent of the orders had a limit and 30 percent were partial executions. The average securities account balance amounted to € 20,000.

The total costs for the top company flatex amounted to € 71.30, while the most expensive provider charged order fees of € 669.20. Potential savings of almost € 600 per year!

Nein Danke